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Truly the lowest brokerage in India

Truly the lowest brokerage in India:

We believe -Offering only the least brokerage without adequate support is not real help. With lowest brokerage you can only save on brokerage amount paid to the broker but can't do much if you don't get adequate help in trading.

The true help is one where you should enjoy the lowest brokerage on one hand and genuine service support on the other hand. Do you wonder will it happen in dream-not so you can enjoy this with thousands of our customers who bear testimony to our genuine services everyday. They enjoy the lowest brokerage with complete care taken to provide wonderful trading experience.

What do we mean by Lowest brokerage with all the support necessary for a wonderful trading?.

We provide the following support by the lowest brokerage in India:

Lowest brokerage with support 1: Easy Process:
Hand holding the client from the beginning ( Account Opening Process). Our account managers will guide you through the process of opening lowest brokerage account with great ease and will fulfill all the formalities without troubling you a bit.
Lowest brokerage with support 2: Dedicated relationship Manager:
Once the account is opened a dedicated relationship manager will train you on how to efficiently make use of the trading software.
Lowest brokerage with support 3 : Clear Guidance:
We will be with you as the market opens, performs and closes and constantly guide you as to which direction to take. And at the same time do not hesitate to get in touch with us to know how the markets are performing, what the market trend and also know which stocks will suit your portfolio best. Reach us at +91 9894929876 for immediate response.
Lowest brokerage with support 4 : No Hidden Charges :
We provide excellent trading software but we do not charge them and we do not burden our clients by collecting advance brokerages, annual maintenance charges (amc) and there are also no hidden charges whatsoever. The clients do not have take any extra burden with respect to paying for any trading support need and can be at ease.
Lowest brokerage with support 5 : Back Office Support:
We provide guidance on how to make use of the back office software to analyse the trades, Track Order book, Trade book, Margin statement, Download Contract note, Fund Deposit, Funds Withdrawal, Margin Calculation and etc. pay out happens the same day and you can immediately transfer the payments to your bank account.
Lowest brokerage with support 6 : There are no monthly commitments and volume commitments:
We do not ask / set any monthly commitments to our clients and nor do we set any volume commitments which our clients will have to compulsorily meet. This provides great relaxation to our clients and empowers them with the freedom to trade at their convenience.
Lowest brokerage with support 7 : Single Platform to trade in all segments:
Yes now you can trade in all segments whether it be equity, commodity or currency in a single integrated platform. This will safe lot of your time and will provide great ease in managing your portfolio.
Lowest brokerage with support 8 : Precise research calls for informed decisions:
We have dedicated and qualified team of research specialists who constantly study market and present their findings which can made use of to take informed decisions.
Lowest brokerage with support 9 : Call 'n' Trade :
You can directly call our Dealing Desk and Place your Order. Placing your order directly at dealing desk can avoid price difference. You can speak in the language you may prefer and trades are secured with Pin Number. We ensure good and appreciatable service at all times.
Lowest brokerage with support 10 : Greater exposure :
Trading without considerable exposure does not ensure a good trading experience. We make sure all our clients get greater exposure and also guide them duly on the risks involved when their portfolio needs help especially when our clients take the wrong turn with exposure levels.

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